Marriage Equality Coming to Florida?

Monroe County Circuit Judge Luis Garcia overturned Florida’s 2008 same-sex marriage ban on July 17 and ordered that marriage licenses be issued to same-sex couples as soon as Tuesday morning. These marriages would be perfectly legal in Monroe County and in … Continue reading

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DUI – The Aftermath

Let’s assume that you or someone you know has been charged with a DUI, (driving under the influence). If you are very lucky this person has not been in an accident and hurt themselves or another person. You wake up … Continue reading

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Putting the Brakes on Red Light Cameras?

Some Florida cities are taking down their red light cameras, most recently Palm Bay in Brevard county introduced a measure to end their controversial red light camera program (1), after noting there was no reduction in crashes at monitored intersections. … Continue reading

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Are Your Affairs In Order?

Everyone has heard the phrase “getting your affairs in order”, but what does that really mean? The answer is different for every person and every situation. Today I am going to focus on the unique challenges of being in a same-sex … Continue reading

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Red Light Camera Legislation

There has been a new law proposed by Florida State Transportation Committee Chairman Jeff Brandes (R – St. Petersburg) to ban red light cameras in the state of Florida.  This is an interesting development and has a better chance of … Continue reading

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Avoiding Credit Card Fraud and Identity Theft

At the Costner Law Firm we strive to keep your personal information safe, we have policies in place that keep your data stored securely, through firewalls, password protection, secure servers and other high tech means. But we also have in … Continue reading

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I have a traffic ticket, now what?

When you or someone in your family receives a traffic ticket, youhave 30 days to come to a decision, either pay the ticket or fight it. When you pay the ticket online or at the Clerk of the Court’s office … Continue reading

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Orlando Red Light Ticket Appeals

The city of Orlando is fighting 55 red light camera tickets that were summarily dismissed by a hearing officer in traffic court back in March. They have paid thousands of dollars in legal fees, court costs and man-hours to reverse … Continue reading

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Your Orlando BUI Attorney

What is BUI?  BUI is Boating Under the Influence and it is a serious crime, just like DUI. The same  legal limits apply, a BAL (blood alcohol level) of over .08 is considered intoxicated. Who would cite me for BUI? … Continue reading

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Your DUI Attorney

No one should ever drink and drive. It is pretty simple, actually, if you drink, don’t drive, if you are driving, don’t drink. Always have a designated, sober driver and chances are you will never be stopped on suspicion of … Continue reading

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